MyState Bank Arena follows current COVID-19 health advice and Government regulations.
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MyState Bank Arena Sky Suites are an exclusive, premium space for you and your guests. They are perfect for entertaining, networking or simply enjoying the game.

A seamless experience, everything is within reach with your private bar, gourmet food packages and personal host. Sky suites are truly first-class, and we are sure you will leave MyState Bank Arena feeling like you’re on cloud nine.

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Tasmania JackJumpers v Melbourne United

The Tasmania JackJumpers are back at MyState Bank Arena for the 2023/2024 NBL season following their spectacular results in their first two seasons.

Tickets for the Tasmania JackJumpers will be hard to get for these games, be sure to check back regularly if you miss out.

The NBL is a fan-first product and playing in front of crowds is vital for the league and our clubs. So, make sure you are part of the action!

This is Tasmania’s team, and we encourage everyone to get behind the JackJumpers and show their support. The JackJumpers have multiple options for membership, to ensure there is something that will suit everyone.


MyState Bank Arena Health Acknowledgment:

We need your help by following the below COVID Safe measures during your visit to MyState Bank Arena:

• Patrons are expected to stay home if feeling unwell and will be denied entry to MyState Bank Arena should they show symptoms that may place persons at risk or endanger or impact on public health. 
• Observe social distancing with people outside your party whenever possible.
• All food, beverage and merchandise outlets will be cashless – so all transactions will need to be made on your debit or credit card.
• Food and beverage can be ordered from your Ticketek ticket or the MyState Bank Arena app.

We look forward to welcoming you at this event.

NBL Spectator Standards

Your attendance at any NBL game, event or activity implies your acknowledgement and agreement to comply with these Spectator Standards and any applicable NBL or venue policies. You must ensure that any person under the age of 18 years of age (or otherwise incapable of giving consent) who you buy or provide a ticket for or accompanies you to an NBL game, event or activity, will also comply.

Spectator behaviour and exclusion

Spectators at NBL games are expected to behave appropriately at all times and must not engage in serious unbecoming conduct or behaviour, including but not limited to the following (Prohibited Conduct):

(a)    assault;

(b)    damage of property;

(c)    throwing, or attempting to throw, a projectile in any game venue;

(d)    any conduct towards any NBL player, coach, referee or NBL Club support staff which threatens, offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, or vilifies;

(e)    act in a way to disrupt, interrupt or behave in a manner that may disrupt any NBL games; and/or

(f)     engaging in courtsiding, as detailed below.

By attending a venue where an NBL game, event or activity is taking place, spectators agree to the following conditions:

(a)   venues where NBL games are held will have their own security requirements by which all spectators must comply with. This includes use of cameras and recording surveillance (including CCTV), bag check, personal checks and the use of metal detectors. Certain items are prohibited and will not be allowed into the venue;

(b)  if engaging in Prohibited Conduct, the NBL, the relevant NBL Club or the venue, as appropriate may prohibit and/or disqualify such spectator from entering some or all game venues;

(c)   in such an instance, the offending spectator will be issued with an official banning notice. The reach and duration of the notice will be determined by the NBL and/or the venue on a case-by-case basis. Penalties may include immediate disqualification from the venue, disqualification from any NBL game, official NBL season bans, an official venue ban and/or an official NBL Club ban;

(d)  the spectator will be asked to provide personal information, including their name, address and the taking of a photograph for identification purposes; and

(e)   any such information regarding a spectator’s behaviour at an NBL game (including their personal information, the details of any banning notice and/or any courtsiding data) may be shared with the NBL, the NBL Clubs, the relevant venue, any venue that hosts or may host an NB game and the relevant authorities as required.


Courtsiding is the act of capturing, recording and/or transmitting match data, match related data or match vision whilst at an NBL game. Spectators agree that:

(a)   any attendees at an NBL game must not participate in, assist with or encourage courtsiding or the transmission of data without authorisation by the NBL, as determined by the NBL in its sole discretion. This includes any transmission of match data in any format, including the services performed by data scouts, data journalists, data commentators etc;

(b)  any person suspected of engaging in courtsiding will be asked to leave the venue immediately and have their personal information submitted to the NBL, the NBL Clubs and to Basketball Australia; and

(c)   they have read and understood Basketball Australia’s Courtsiding Policy found here.


Risk of entry

Spectators acknowledge and agree that attendance at any NBL game, event or activity at a venue is not without risk and spectator’s accept and voluntarily assume all of the risks, including inherent and obvious risks, arising from attendance at the venue. Such risks include but are not limited to suffering injury (including serious injury) or property damage. Spectators agree:

(a)   to release the NBL from any loss suffered;

(b)  that they are responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused to the spectator or others; and

(c)   to indemnity the NBL against any claim or liability in respect of such loss, damage or injury.

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Date: Friday 19 January 2023
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601 Brooker Highway Glenorchy, Tasmania 7010

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